Words starting with ” z ” for SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT skmclasses Bangalore

Zabernism – toponym: the misuse of military power or authority; bullying, aggression

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Zaftig – Yiddish: full-bosomed and shapely; pleasingly plump. having a full; rounded figure

zaftig full-bosomed and shapely pleasingly plump

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Zagharoot – arabic; pl. zaghareet: a high-pitched ululation done with the tongue; a sound of honor (not in general dictionaries)

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Zamboni – eponym: a machine used to resurface ice rinks

Zeitgeber – an environmental cue (as the length of daylight, or the temperature) that helps to regulate an organism’s biological clock

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Zelig (eponym) – a chameleon-like person always manages to be present everywhere

Zelig chameleon-like person always manages to be present everywhere

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zeugma – sometimes used as synonym for syllepsis (see that term). Sometimes used as a more general term – unlike syllepsis, the two senses of the word “punned upon” need not differ.

ziggurat – a temple tower having the form of a terraced pyramid. Mesopotamian step pyramid

ziggurat temple tower having form of terraced pyramid

zilch [etymology] – nothing; a quantity so insignificant as to amount to nothing [from comics?]

Zilch quantity so insignificant as to amout to nothing

zilch nothing a quantity so insignificant as to amount to nothing

Zoilus; Zoilist – eponym: a carping, malignant critic

Zoilus Zoilist a carping malignant critic

zoosemiotics – study of animal communication. Loosely, “animal language,” but including signals other than sound, such as a dog’s tail-wagging. coined 1963; I have not found it in any published dictionary

zoosemiotics loosely animal language

Zukunftsangst – fear of the future

Zukunftsangst fear of the future

zygote – the cell resulting from the fusion of egg and sperm [from Greek zugotos ‘yoked’]

zabaglione    frothy custard
zabernism    misuse of military authority; bullying

zabra    small Spanish sailing vessel

zabra small Spanish sailing vessel

zabuton    flat Japanese cushion for kneeling or sitting

zabuton flat Japanese cushion for kneeling sitting

zaffre    impure cobalt oxide

zaffre impure cobalt oxide

zaitech    investment in financial markets by a company in order to boost profits

zakuska    hors d’oeuvre; snack

zakuska  hors d’oeuvre snack

zalambdodont    having molar teeth with V-shaped ridges

zamacueca    Chilean dance where partners move around each other

Zamacueca Chilean dance

zamarra    sheepskin jacket

zamarra sheepskin jacket

zambomba    Spanish percussion instrument

zambomba Spanish percussion instrument

zambra    Spanish dance

Zambra Spanish Dance

zampogna    Italian bagpipe

zampogna  Italian bagpipe

zampone    stuffed pigs’ trotter sausage

zampone  stuffed pigs’ trotter sausage

zander    a variety of European perch

zander  variety of European perch

zanella    mixed twilled umbrella fabric

zanella  mixed twilled umbrella fabric

zanjero    supervisor of irrigation canals

zanjero  supervisor of irrigation canals

Zany – Woman who is a stupid incompetent fool – goofy sappy whacky

Zany – A buffoon in one of the old comedies; imitates others for ludicrous effect.

5 Zany mad shouting vociferous woman skmclasses Bangalore

Zany – Ludicrous, foolish. Like a clown. “a zany sense of humour”.

7 Zany mad shouting vociferous woman skmclasses Bangalore

buffoonish – Like a clown. “a buffoonish walk”.

4 Zany mad shouting woman skmclasses Bangalore Subhashish Sir

zanyism    buffoonery

zanyism buffoonery

zanze    African musical instrument like castanets

zanze  African musical instrument like castanets


Yoked to music at Picnic

Yoked to music play

zapata    flowing, drooping moustache

zapata  flowing drooping moustache

zapateado    Latin-American dance with rhythmic tapping of the feet

Zapateado latin american dance tapping of feet

zappy    lively; entertaining

zappy lively entertaining

zarf    ornamental holder for hot coffee cup

Zarf metallic cuplike stand to hold handleless coffeecup

a metallic cuplike stand used for holding a small handleless coffee cup; the cup is called a finjan. These terms refer to such cups and stands as used in the middle east. However, our language seems to be co-opting zarf to use when one takes coffee in a plastic cone, cheap and disposable but too thin to allow one to hold it with hot coffee. The plastic holder with handle, to hold that disposable cone, can be called a zarf.

zari    Indian gold and silver brocade

zariba    square fence of thorn-bushes; fortified camp

zariba  square fence of thorn-bushes fortified camp

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zarzuela    traditional Spanish vaudeville show; fish and shellfish stew

Zarzuela spanish vaudeville fish shellfish stew
zatch    female genitalia
zati    Indian macaque with large tuft on the back of the head

zayat    Burmese public meeting-hall or house of worship

zayat  Burmese public meeting-hall house of worship

zazzy    flashy; stylish

zazzy flashy stylish

zebrine    of, like or pertaining to zebras
zebrinny    offspring of male horse and female zebra
zebroid    like or resembling a zebra
zebrule    hybrid offspring of male zebra and female horse
zebu    ox with hump and dewlap
zedoary    aromatic root resembling ginger
zegedine    silver drinking-cup
zeitgeber    rhythmically occurring event that cues organisms’ biological rhythms

zek    inmate of prison labour camp

zek inmate of prison labour camp

zel    form of Oriental cymbal

zelator    sister in a convent in charge of checking on conduct of other nuns

zelator sister in a convent in charge of checking on conduct of other nuns

zelatrix    older nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns

zelatrix  older nun in charge of disciplining younger nuns

zelophobia    irrational or fear of jealousy

zelophobia irrational or fear of jealousy

zelotic    of the nature of a zealot

38 Fanatic zealot always ready to argue
zelotypia    jealousy; excessive zeal in carrying out a project
zeme    Caribbean idol or totem
zemindar    in colonial India, an indigenous revenue collector or landholder
zemirah    Hebrew religious song sung at Sabbath meals
zemni    blind mole-rat
zenana    system of segregating women away from men in harems
zendalet    large black woollen shawl worn over the head or shoulders
zendik    heretic; magician
zendo    hall for Zen Buddhist meditation
zenocentric    measured with reference to the planet Jupiter
zenography    study of the planet Jupiter
zenzic    square of a number
zenzizenzizenzic    eighth power of a number
zep    large sandwich made on a long crusty roll

zephyr   –  lightweight wool or worsted fabric; the west wind

zephyr mild refreshing wild blowi1ng 1

(n.) a gentle breeze (If not for the zephyrs that were blowing and cooling us, our room would’ve been unbearably hot.)

Besides being the name of Babar’s monkey friend in the much-beloved picture books about the elephant Babar, a zephyr is a gentle breeze.

In Greek mythology, Zephuros was the god of the west wind, and the bringer of light and early spring breezes. Zephyr derives from his name. That first day of spring, where suddenly you don’t have to wear your jacket to school for the first time all winter? Thank the zephyr for that.

zeppole    a variety of doughnut

zeren    light brown Mongolian gazelle
zeroable    able to be omitted from a sentence without any loss of meaning
zeta    small room or closet in a church

zetetic  – inquiring; investigative: zetetic minds  proceeding by inquiry; a search or investigation

zetetic inquiring investigative zetetic minds

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zeugma    use of a word to modify two or more words in different ways
zeugmatography    imaging using nuclear magnetic resonance to study soft tissue
zeze    stringed instrument resembling a zither