Words starting with ” n ” for SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT skmclasses Bangalore

nacelle – the streamlined outer casing of an aircraft engine.

nadir – the lowest point: the nadir of their fortunes (opposite of zenith)

naïf; naïf – a naïve person, in either of two senses: 1. natural and unaffected; and 2. lacking the judgment to be aware of dangers) (technically “a naïve male”, but in practice the word is genderless)

namaste – a Hindu expression on meeting or parting, usually while holding the palms together vertically in front of the bosom

namby-pamby – eponym: weak, foolish or silly: She probably regarded us as a bunch of namby-pamby liberals.

nancy boy – an effeminate man

napier – a maker or seller of table linen; the servant in charge of the linen a great house (obsolete)

Napier’s Bones – eponym: a set of graduated rods used to perform multiplication quickly. It was an early calculator. See here.

narcissism – eponym: excessive love or admiration of oneself

nares – nostrils

narrowcasting – the practice of “specialty” cable channels (or other media) geared to a specific group of viewers, such as physicians, businesspeople, or teenagers

nascent (also here) – coming into existence (or having recently come into existence), and beginning to develop

natant – floating or swimming in water [ I think it has the implication of ‘lying flat’.]

nativity – a horoscope for the time of one’s birth (among other meanings, of course)

natron – toponym: a mineral salt, consisting of hydrated sodium carbonate [baking soda]; used to desiccate bodies for mummification

navvy – a laborer in the excavation and construction of a road or railway

Nebbish – an innocuous, ineffectual unfortunate; a “loser”

Nebbish an innocuous woman ineffectual unfortunate woman loser

Nebbish – an innocuous woman, ineffectual unfortunate woman,a woman “loser”

nebbish loser nebbech an innocuous woman scallywag scalawag rapscallion knave

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Nebbish is at


nebula – astronomy: a gas-mass or dust-mass within a galaxy. figurative: something ill-defined or insubstantial; a hazy mass or cloud.

necromancy (also here, here and here) – 1. witchcraft or black magic 2. predicting the future by communicating with the dead [Note: dictionary at mancy lists 54 form of divination]
Interesting etymology: from Greek necro = “dead”. When the Latin word came to mean “black arts”, the spelling changed to nigromantia (Latin niger “black,”), and came into Middle English with the nigro- “black” root. Modern spelling is from attempts to correct this back to the original “dead” meaning.

necropsy – an autopsy (some sources say one performed on an animal)

nectar – any delicious wine or other drink (now esp. a kind of sweetened fruit juice)

negative pregnant – a denial (negation) of one thing that implies (is pregnant with) affirmation of another: I don’t still beat my wife

negus – eponym: wine and hot water with sugar and lemon juice and nutmeg

nelipot – one going barefoot (note: this ‘word’ is suspect)

nemesis – eponym: one who inflicts retribution or vengeance

neoconservative – of or advocating a new or revived form of conservatism

neologism – a newly coined word or expression; the act of so coining. (Also applies to coining new phrases or meanings)

neophobia – fear or dislike of anything new or unfamiliar [often used for a child’s refusal to try a new food, particularly vegetables!]

neophyte – (also here) – a person who is new to a subject or activity; a beginner, a novice (also, a novice in a religious order, or a newly ordained priest)

neoteny – the retention of juvenile features in an adult animal (or sometimes used to mean: the characteristic of having a relatively long period of development)

neoteric –
(of an author or other person): of recent times; modern; also, having a modern outlook
(of beliefs, practices, or other things): modern, recent, new
Also used as a noun. Not necessarily complimentary; “Freq. with disparaging connotations,” says OED; “objectionably novel, ‘newfangled’.

nepenthe – 1. a drug mentioned in the Odyssey as a remedy for grief; hence 2. something that induces forgetfulness of sorrow or eases pain.

nephoscope – a grid-like instrument for measuring clouds’ altitude, direction, and velocity of movement

nerd – An intelligent but single-minded expert in a particular technical field or profession. Someone considered boring because of their obsessive hobby or narrow solitary interests. An insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious.


neritic – of ocean depths to about 200 meters; sublittoral

Nero – eponym: a person resembling Nero, esp. in displaying cruelty, tyranny, or profligacy

Nescient – lacking knowledge or awareness; ignorant

Nescient woman lacking knowledge awareness ignorant


nestcock – obs. a househusband; a man who stays at home and manages the house while his wife goes to work

nestor; Nestor – eponym: a venerable and wise old man; a patriarch in a field

nettle – to goad or provoke, as by constant criticism; also, to annoy, disturb, esp. by minor irritations

neurasthenia – a psychological disorder characterized by chronic fatigue and weakness with vague physical symptoms (headache, muscle pain, etc.); originally attributed to weakness or exhaustion of the nerves. Now considered an outdated diagnosis – but is it anything other than what we now call “chronic fatigue syndrome”?

neuron – a nerve cell New York minute (used only in the phrase in a New York minute) – immediately; at once; in a heartbeat

Nexility – pithiness, compactness of speech

Nexility pithiness compactness of speech 2

Nexility pithiness compactness of speech


nickel-and-dime – involving only a small amount: a nickel-and-dime job; but more particularly: to destroy by underfunding

Nickname (etymology) – an additional name given to a person. from eke-name

Nictitate – to wink

Nidgetty – trifling or fussy

Nidgetty a woman trifling or fussy


Nidicolous – remaining in the nest after hatching until grown or nearly grown

nidify; nidificate – to make a nest

niding – a coward; a dastard; a term of utmost opprobrium. (also written nithing)

niggardly – grudging and petty; meanly small: left the waiter a niggardly tip. (Though this word has nothing to do with the so-called “N-word,” one does well to avoid it due to the ignorance of many readers or listeners.)

niggle – a small injury claimed by a sportsman

niggling ­– troublesome or irritating in a petty way

Nightingale – eponym: a nurse, esp. one of the older generation (Nightingale ward – a hospital ward with two long rows of beds and a central station for the nurse in charge)

nihil obstat – official approval [From usage in Roman Catholic church]

nihilism – (also nihilist; nihilistic) 1. doctrine that social institutions are so bad that destruction is desirable for its own sake, independent of any constructive program 2. rejection of all moral or religious values

nikkei – see issei

nimgimmer – a physician or surgeon, particularly those who cure venereal disease

Nimiety – superfluity; excess

Nimiety superfluity excess


niminy-piminy – affectedly delicate or refined; mincing

nimmer – a pilferer; a petty thief

nimrod¹ – eponym: a mighty hunter

nimrod² [bizarre etymology] – slang: an silly or insensitive jerk who is a petty annoyance [from Bugs Bunny]

Nimtopsical – drunk

3 nimtopsical a woman who is drunk


Ninety-nine – used by physicians to detect areas of the lungs that have become solidified, as from pneumonia. When the patient speaks or whispers, the sound is loudest in these areas, and the loudness can be noticed by stethoscope or by ‘a palm on the patient’s back.

Ningimmer – a physician or surgeon, particularly those who cure the venereal disease

Ninnyhammer – a simpleton; a silly person

Nisei – see issei

Niveous – resembling snow; snowy; also, snow-white. (Note: There’s an odd schism in how the lexicographers handle this word. AHD gives “resembling snow;

snowy”, but omits the specific definition as “white”. Most on-line dictionaries are similar but the thesauri – even the one at AHD’s site – consistently list niveous as a synonym for “white”. )

nixie – a female water sprite of Germanic folklore (masc. = nix); also, an undeliverable letter, addressed wrong or illegibly.

no wuckers – Australian slang: a polite shortened form of the spoonerism ‘no wucking furries’

nob – Brit. informal: a person of wealth or high social position

nocent – 1. causing harm; 2. guilty

noeclexis – the practice of selecting a partner based on intelligence and character without regard for physical attractiveness

nolens volens – whether willing or not [Latin “unwilling-willing”]

nom de guerre – an assumed name under which a person engages in combat.

nom de plume – an author’s pseudonym or pen-name

nombril – heraldry; more properly, ‘nombril point’: the center point of the bottom half of an escutcheon; that is, midway between the fesse point and the bottom point

nomen – see cognomen

non nobis – 1. interjection, expressing gratitude or thanksgiving (also ‘non nobis, Domine’). from the next meaning 2. a hymn of that title, used in popular entertainment. (Each meaning often ironic.)

nonagenarian – a person between 90 and 99 years old (also adj.)

nonce word – a word created by the author for a specific occasion, not expecting it to be used again

nonpluss – to perplex; to bewilder; to put at a loss of what to do

nook – a secluded, sheltered spot; or, in the same vein, a small, separate section of a larger room (also, the inner corner formed by two meeting walls)

nook and cranny (as in every nook and cranny) – every part of something.

noop – Scot: the sharp point of the elbow

norks – Australian slang: breasts

normalcy – normality (note: this is a perfectly good word, not a coinage or misstatement)

nosology – the branch of medical science concerned with the classification of diseases
[nosos disease]

nothing but net – (from basketball) figurative: perfectly done; without even the permissible degree of error

Nous – 1. chiefly British: good sense; shrewdness 2. philosophy: reason and knowledge as opposed to sense perception (in neo-platonism: the image of the absolute good)

Novena – a prayer service lasting nine days, or weekly for nine weeks

Novendial – a religious ceremony lasting for nine days; a funeral ceremony on the ninth day after the burial

Novennial – of a nine-year period

Nuchal – of the nape of the neck

Nudiustertian – pertaining to the day before yesterday (OED); the very latest, as fashion

Nugatory – 1. trifling; insignificant 2. of no force; inoperative or ineffectual

Nugatory trifling insignificant of no force inoperative or ineffectual


Nullibiety; nullibicity – the state of being nowhere at all (contrast ubiety; see Archies)

Nullipara – a woman who has never given birth

Numerate (adj.) – able to think and express oneself effectively in quantitative terms (verb: to count; enumerate). [counterpart of ‘literate’]

Numinous – supernatural, mysterious; also, suffused the presence of a god; spiritual, divine; inspiring awe and reverence

Nuncheon – a drink or snack taken between meals, esp. in the afternoon

Nutation [from Latin for ‘to nod’] astronomy: periodic increases and decreases in the “tilt” of an orbit. medical: uncontrolled nodding

Nutria – the fur or skin of the coypu; also, the animal itself

nabalism churlishness
nabalitic churlish
nacarat bright orange-red
nacelle structure on wing of airplane containing engine
nacket snack; light lunch
nacre mother-of-pearl
nacreous of or resembling mother-of-pearl
nadir lowest point; point diametrically opposite the sun
naevous spotted; freckled
naevus birthmark
nagor reedbuck of equatorial Africa
naiant swimming horizontally
nail old measure of two and a quarter inches
nailage charge for nailing up a package opened for customs inspection
nainsook fine cotton fabric
naissance new development; birth
naissant nascent, rising or coming forth
nakedize to go naked
nancifully in an effeminate manner
nanism the condition of being dwarfed or being a dwarf
nanity condition of deficiency in some respect
nanization artificial dwarfing
nankeen buff-coloured; durable buff-coloured cotton

nanocephalous having an extremely small head

Nanocephalous having small head


nanoid dwarf-like
naology study of church or temple architecture
naos temple; inner cell of a temple
napaea nymph that inhabits wooded dells
napifolious having leaves like a turnip
napiform shaped like a turnip
napoh southeast Asian mouse deer
napoo to destroy; to kill
nappe sheet of water flowing over a weir
nappe ability of a liquid to coat the back of a spoon
napper one who naps cloth after it is fulled
narcocracy government by those who control the drug trade
narcohypnia numbness experienced upon awakening
narcolepsy pathological drowsiness
narcology study and treatment of narcotic abuse
narcomancy divination using sleep
narcomania uncontrollable craving for narcotics
narcose experiencing a hallucinogenic stupor
nares the nostrils
narial of, like or pertaining to the nostrils
naricorn horny termination of a bird’s nostril
nariform shaped like the nostrils or like the human nose
narquois mocking; malicious
narratology study of narrative structure of texts

narrischkeit foolishness; nonsense

Narrischkeit foolishness nonsense by woman

narrowback one who does not engage in manual labour
narrowcast to transmit a program aimed at a small segment of the populace
narthecal of or relating to fennel
narthex small entrance or porch to a church
nary not a one; not at all
nasal nosepiece of a helmet
nasard organ mutation stop
nascent immature; in process of birth
nasicornous having a horn on the nose
nasillate to speak in a nasal manner
naskin prison
nasology study of the nose
nason oak flute-stop for an organ
nasute keen-scented; critically discriminating; having a big nose
nasutiform shaped like a nose
natable able to float; able to be sailed
natalitial of, like or pertaining to a birthday
natation swimming
natational of or relating to swimming
natatorium swimming-pool
nates the buttocks
natheless nevertheless; notwithstanding
naticide one who kills one’s own child
natiform shaped like buttocks
nativism belief that the mind possesses inborn thoughts
natricine of, like or pertaining to water-snakes
natron sodium bicarbonate
natuary hospital maternity ward
naturalism belief that the world can be explained in terms of natural forces
naturelle pale pink or beige colour
naturism communal nudism
naucify to despise; to hold in low esteem
naucrary one of forty-eight local divisions of the citizens of ancient Athens
naufrageous in a state of danger or ruin; threatened
naufrague shipwrecked person
naumachy mock sea-battle
naupathia sea sickness
naupegical of or relating to shipbuilding
nauscopy purported method for observing ships or land beyond the horizon
nauseant producing nausea
nautics art of navigation
nautiliform having the shape of a nautilus
navalism cult of naval supremacy or seapower
navarchy rulership over the seas
nave largest part of church where congregation sits
navette pointed oval shape; jewel cut in this shape
navicular boat-shaped
navifauna the fauna aboard a ship
naviform boat-shaped
navigerous bearing or able to bear a ship
naze headland or cape
neanic of, like or pertaining to the adolescent period; young
neap tidal period of least difference between high and low tides
nearabout nearby; in the vicinity
nearhand nearly; almost
neatherd cowherd

nebbich colourless; inconsequential woman

Nebbich colourless inconsequential woman

nebel ancient Hebrew harp or dulcimer
nebelwerfer six-barrelled rocket mortar
nebris skin of a fawn worn as a garment in antiquity
nebulaphobia fear of fog
nebule wavy moulding
nebulist artist whose style has indistinct lines
nebulize to reduce to spray
necation an act of killing
nécessaire ornamental small case for personal objects
necessarianism theory that actions are determined by prior history; fatalism
necessitudinarian determinist
neckatee scarf worn around the neck or head
necrobiosis death of cells
necrogenic deriving from dead animals
necrographer obituary writer
necrolatry worship of the dead
necrologue obituary
necrology obituary list
necromania sexual obsession with dead bodies; necrophilia
necrophagous feeding on the dead
necrophobia fear of corpses
necropolitan of or relating to a necropolis or cemetery; mournful; funereal
necropsy post-mortem examination
necroscopy examination of a dead body
necrotic undergoing death of part of the body
necrotomy dissection; cutting open of a dead body
necrotype organism formerly but no longer present in a locality
nectareal of or like nectar
nectariferous producing nectar
nectarivorous feeding on nectar
nectopod limb used for swimming
necyomancy divination by summoning Satan
needlecord thinly ribbed cotton
needledom the world of sewing
needs of necessity; necessarily
neencephalon evolutionarily newer part of the vertebrate brain
nef ornamental stand in shape of ship for holding salt or cutlery
nefandous abominable; despicable
nefastous wretched; miserable

negaholic habitually pessimistic

Negaholic habitually pessimistic woman

negannepaut coarse cotton Indian fabric
negatory no; expression of negation
negentropy measurement of order or information of a system
négociant wine merchant
negotiosity habitual state of being occupied with business
negrophile one who is sympathetic towards black people
negrophobia fear of blacks
nekton assemblage of swimming organisms in a body of water
nelly large South Pacific petrel
nemaline of or like a thread
nematology the study of nematodes
nembutsu Buddhist invocation chanted to achieve enlightenment
nemesism self-directed frustration
nemophilist one who loves the woods
nemoral of a wood or grove
nemoricolous living in forests or groves
nemorivagant wandering through forests
nemorous wooded
nene Hawaiian goose
neoblastic of, like or pertaining to new growth
neocatastrophism doctrine that natural catastrophic events shaped the evolution of life
neocolonialism continued exercise of economic and social power over former colonial states
neocracy government by new or inexperienced rulers
neogamist newlywed
neogenesis producing regeneration of tissue
neogrammarian linguist who contends that phonetic laws are exceptionless
neoist one who favours novelty
neolagnium puberty
neolatry worship of novelty

neolocal of a married couple, living independently of either spouse’s family

Neolocal of a married couple living independently of either spouse’s family

neological of or relating to the coining of new words
neology practice of coining new words; neologism
neomenia period of the new moon
neomorphic developed suddenly and not inherited
neomort brain-dead individual
neonate newly born child
neonaticide killing or killer of a newborn infant
neonatology study of newborn babies
neonomianism theory that the gospel abrogates earlier moral codes
neontology study of extant or recently living organisms
neophile one who loves novelty and trends
neophobe one who fears change or novelty
neophobia fear of novelty
neophrastic of, like or pertaining to neologisms
neophron small Egyptian vulture
neoprimitivism artistic movement favouring return to earlier or unsophisticated values
neorama view of interior of building
neoslave one who is re-enslaved or employed at near-slavery conditions
neossology study of nestling birds
neossoptile soft or downy feathers of a bird
neotechnic of or relating to development of new technology
neotectonics study of more recent changes in the earth’s crust
neoteny retention of juvenile characteristics in a mature organism
neoteric of recent origin; modern
neoterism introduction of new things, especially words
neottious resembling a bird’s nest
neovitalism theory that total material explanation is impossible
nep small lump on cotton fibre

nepenthe something, such as a drink, capable of making one forget suffering

Nepenthe – Helps to forget worries

nepenthe such as a drink, capable of making one forget suffering

neper unit for expressing ratio of two currents or voltages
nephalism total abstinence from alcoholic drinks
nepheligenous discharging smoke in clouds
nephelococcygia act of finding shapes in clouds
nephelognosy observation of clouds
nepheloid cloudy
nephelometer instrument for measuring cloudiness
nephelometry measurement of cloudiness of liquids
nephogram photograph of clouds
nephograph instrument for photographing clouds
nephology study of clouds
nephoscope instrument for observing direction and velocity of clouds
nephralgia kidney pain
nephrectomy removal of one or both kidneys
nephric of, like or pertaining to the kidneys
nephrography description or imagery of the kidneys
nephroid kidney-shaped
nephrolith kidney stone
nephrology study of the kidneys
nepionic of, like or pertaining to the embryonic period of development
nepotal of, like or pertaining to one’s nephew
nepotation riotous behaviour; profligacy
neritic belonging to the shallow waters near land
nerka sockeye salmon
nervifolious having leaves with prominent veins
nervine quieting; soothing nervous excitement
nervure vein of a leaf
nescience lack of knowledge; ignorance
nesh soft; delicate; tender
nesiote living on an island
nessberry small soft North American fruit like a loganberry
nestitherapy medical treatment by reducing food intake
nettlesome irritable; difficult
neuralgiform like or shaped like a nerve
neurergic of, like or pertaining to the function or action of the nerves
neurism “nerve-force” acting on evolution
neurobiology study of anatomy of the nervous system
neurogenesis production or generation of nerves
neuroid like a nerve
neuropath one who believes in nervous origin of most diseases
neuropsychology study of relation between brain and behaviour
neurypnology study of hypnotism
neuston minute organisms floating or swimming on water’s surface
neutrologistic expressing neither praise nor disapproval
neutrosophy study of the origin and nature of philosophical neutralities
névé granular snow; field of granular snow
nevosity state of being speckled
nevus birthmark
newel upright column in middle of circular staircase; post at end of stairs
nexal of or pertaining to a nexus
nexility compactness of speech
nexus a bond; a linked group
niaiserie simplicity; foolishness
niccolic made of, like or pertaining to nickel
nickeliferous bearing nickel
nicotian of, like or pertaining to tobacco
nictate to wink or blink
nidamental nest-forming
nidatory of, like or pertaining to nests
niddering one who shows shameful fear or timidity
nidicolous reared in a nest; sharing a nest
nidificate to construct a nest
nidifugous leaving the nest soon after hatching
nidify to build a nest
nidology study of nests
nidor strong smell or fume of animal cooking
nidulation nest-building
nidus place where something originates or develops; nest
niello ornamenting metal by placing black compound in engravings
nieve hand or fist
niff an unpleasant smell
nigh nearly; almost
nightjar nocturnal insectivorous Old World migratory bird
nightpiece work of art describing a night scene
nigrescence blackness; dark colouring or pigmentation
nigricant of a blackish colour
nigrine black
nigrities exceptionally dark coloration
nigroglobulate to blackball
nigrosine blackish coal-tar colour dye
nihilism denial of all reality; extreme scepticism
nihility nothingness; a mere nothing
nil nothing; not at all; in no way
nill to refuse; to be unwilling
nim to steal; to pilfer
nimbose cloudy
nimiety excess
nimonic of alloys used in high-temperature work
ninon silk voile or other thin fabric
nippitatum exceptionally good and strong ale
nipter ecclesiastical ceremony of washing the feet
niramiai period of stamping and glaring to cow sumo opponent
nisus effort; striving; impulse

nitency brightness; lustrousness

Nitency effort; impulse tendency

nitency effort; impulse; tendency

nithing infamous person; abject coward; traitor
nitid bright; shining; merry
nitriary artificial bed of animal matter used to produce nitre
nitrometer instrument for measuring nitrogen and its compounds
nitrophilous flourishing in or preferring locations with abundant nitrogen
nivellate to level or plane
niveous snowy; white
nivial growing among snow
nobbut except; unless
nobiliary of, like or pertaining to nobility
nobilitate to ennoble
nocent hurtful; guilty; harmful
nociceptive sensitive to pain; causing pain
noctambulation sleep-walking
noctidiurnal comprising one day and one night
noctiflorous flowering at night
noctilucent phosphorescent; glowing in the dark
noctivagant wandering in the night
noctuary record of one night’s thoughts
nocuous hurtful; noxious
nodality knottedness; state of being nodal
nodated knotted
noddy plain two-wheeled horse-drawn cart
noddypeak fool; imbecile
nodose having knots or nodules; knotty
nodosity knottiness; a knotty swelling
nodus a knotty point; difficulty; complication
noegenesis production of knowledge
noema stating something obscurely, forcing listeners to work it out
noesis intellectual activity; purely intellectual perception
noetics laws or rules of logic
noils short pieces of fibre separated from longer ones by combing
noisette small piece of lamb cut off the bone and rolled

nolition adverse action of will; unwillingness

Nolition adverse action of will unwillingness

nomancy divination by examining letters of name
nomenclator lexicon; word-list; one who assigns names
nomiatrist lawyer specializing in medical cases
nomic customary; conventional
nominalism doctrine that naming of things defines reality
nominatim by name; expressly
nominative indicating subject of a verb
nomism view that moral conduct consists in observance of laws
nomistic based on law or a sacred book
nomocracy government based on legal system; rule of law
nomogeny origin of life according to natural law
nomographer a writer of laws
nomography writing or formulation of laws
nomology the science of the laws; especially of the mind
nomothetical giving laws; legislative
nonage legal infancy; minority; time of immaturity
nones prayer service held at 3 p.m.
nonobstant notwithstanding
nonpareil thing of unequalled excellence; paragon
nonparous not having given birth
nonpathogenic not causing disease
noogenesis evolution of the mind
noology science of the intellect
noometry mind-measurement
noosphere sum of human intellectual activities
nootropics cognitive enhancers; mind drugs
normalism state of being normal
norsel short piece of line for fastening fishing nets and hooks
nosebag food bag hung over a horse’s head
nosegay bouquet of fragrant flowers
nosism use of royal “we”; assumption of role of group mouthpiece
nosocomial of, like or pertaining to a hospital
nosocomium hospital
nosography description of diseases
nosology study of diseases
nosomania delusion of suffering from a disease
nosophobia fear of disease
nostology study of senility
nostomania abnormal desire to go back to familiar places
nostopathy fear of returning to familiar places
nostrification acceptance of foreign university degrees on par with native
nostrum secret or quack medicine
notabilia notable sayings; things worthy of notice
notalgia back pain
notandum something to be specially noted or observed
notaphily collecting of bank-notes and cheques
notarikon making words from letters taken from throughout a sentence
nothingarian person who has no particular belief

nothous spurious; bastard

Nothous spurious bastard woman

notitia roll, list or register
notonectal swimming on the back
noumenalism belief in existence of noumena
noumenon object whose reality defined by reason rather than perception
nous pure intellect or reason
novalia lands newly brought under cultivation
novantique both new and old through repair or imitation
novation substitution of a new obligation for an existing one
novena series of Catholic church services held on nine successive days
novenary of, like or pertaining to the number nine
novendial festival lasting nine days

novercal of, like or pertaining to a stepmother

Novercal of like or pertaining to a stepmother

novercaphobia fear of one’s stepmother

Novercaphobia fear of one’s stepmother

novity innovation; newness
nowise not at all
noxal of, like or pertaining to wrongful injury by object or animal of another
noyade execution by drowning
nubecula a cloudiness
nubiferous cloud-bringing
nubiform cloudlike
nubigenous cloud-born

Nubilate to obscure

Nubilate to obscure

nubilous cloudy
nucal of, like or pertaining to nuts
nucha the nape of the neck
nuchal of, like or pertaining to the nape of the neck
nuciferous nut-bearing
nuciform shaped like a nut
nucivorous nut-eating
nucule a nutlet
nudation the act of making bare
nugacious unimportant; trifling; trivial
nugament nonsense; trifle
nugatory inconsequential; inoperative; futile; trifling
nullibicity state of being nowhere
nullibilism denial that the soul exists in space
nullifidian having no faith; one who is faithless
nulliparous having not borne children
nullism belief that reality does not exist; nihilism
nullity the state of being null or void
nulliverse universe devoid of any plan or organizing principle
numbat termite-eating anteater-like marsupial with white stripes
numen presiding deity
numenism belief in local deities or spirits
numinous of, like or pertaining to a deity; suffused with religious awe
numismatics study of coins
numismatography systematic description of coins
nummamorous money-loving
nummary of, like or pertaining to coins or money
nummet light meal or luncheon
nummiform shaped like a coin

Numquid an inquisitive person

Numquid an inquisitive man

nunciative bearing messages
nuncio one who brings tidings; high-ranking papal legate
nuncius messenger
nuncle to defraud
nuncupate to utter as a vow; to declare verbally
nuncupative oral; designative
nundinal of, like or pertaining to a fair or market
nundination trading; mercantile commerce
nunnation addition of a final n in the declension of nouns

Nupson simpleton; fool

Nupson simpleton foolish woman

nuptiality marriage-rate
nuque nape of the neck
nutant nodding; drooping
nutarian person who believes that nuts are the best kind of food
nutation fluctuation or nodding in movement of earth’s pole
nutria amphibious South American rodent
nutrication nourishment
nutrice nurse
nutricial of, like or pertaining to nurses
nyala large south African antelope
nyatiti eight-stringed lyre used by Luo people
nychthemeral of, like or pertaining to a nychthemeron or 24-hour period
nychthemeron a full night and a day; 24 hours
nyctalopia night-blindness
nyctanthous flowering at night
nyctograph device for recording ideas at night or when not fully awake
nyctophobia fear of the night or darkness
nymphean of, like or pertaining to a nymph
nympholepsy emotional frenzy, as that inspired in men by nymphs
nymphology study of nymphs

(n.) the lowest point of something (My day was boring, but the nadir came when I accidentally spilled a bowl of spaghetti on my head.)

(adj.) in the process of being born or coming into existence (Unfortunately, my brilliant paper was only in its nascent form on the morning that it was due.)

Nefarious – (adj.) heinously villainous (Although Dr. Meanman’s nefarious plot to melt the polar icecaps was terrifying, it was so impractical that nobody really worried about it.)

(n.) someone who is young or inexperienced (As a neophyte in the literary world, Malik had trouble finding a publisher for his first novel.)
“Look at the little freshies,” said the football team captain to his friends. “Little neophytes come to learn how the big boys play….Let’s get ’em!”

Neo- means new, and -phyte is from the Greek phuton “plant”––like a baby plant, a neophyte is someone who is new to an activity. A political neophyte is someone who has just been elected and comes to Washington D.C. not understanding how the game of politics is played. A Frisbee neophyte is someone who has just thrown the disc for the first time.