Words starting with ” f ” for SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT skmclasses Bangalore

Fabian – eponym: of cautious delaying tactics to wear out an enemy, avoiding decisive battle

Fabian cautious delaying tactics to wear out enemy avoiding decisive battle

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Fabian – eponym: of the Fabian Society, which aimed to reach socialism by non-revolutionary methods

facile – easy (but with overtones of being too easy, too convenient. If you play hooky from work, it’s a facile excuse to claim that your grandmother had died.)
Facile Performing  adroitly and without effort a facile hand

A Facile ( Superficial ) Solution

Facile Solution to Debt problem

facile – Expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively. “able to dazzle with his facile tongue”. Performing adroitly and without effort. “a facile hand”. Arrived at without due care or effort; lacking depth. “too facile a solution for so complex a problem”.

Short Story describing the word Facile is at https://nicewemen.wordpress.com/facile-expressing-yourself-readily-clearly-effectively/

facile princeps – easily the first; by far the first; admittedly best

Statue of Romeo

factitious disorder – see Munchausen syndromeo

fag, faggot – terms with different meanings in the US and the UK. In US, offensive terms for a homosexual. In the UK, a faggot is a large meatball made from offal. A fag is a rather old-fashioned slang word for a cigarette, and also means a younger pupil who is under the charge of an older one for whom he has to perform various housekeeping type duties. In Australian slang, a fag is a cigarette.

faggots in gravy – Brit: meatballs (esp. of pig’s liver) in gravy (esp. onion gravy). Recipe

Fagin – eponym: an adult who instructs others (e.g., children) in crime

Fagin – eponym: an adult who instructs others (e.g., children) in crime

Fagin woman instructs others children in crime

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Fahrvergnügen – driving pleasure. Used by Volkswagen in an advertising campaign

Fahrvergnügen driving pleasure

faience – toponym: glazed ceramic ware

faience glazed ceramic ware

faineant deity – a god who does not act in human affairs, and hence is not worshiped

faineant deity a god who does not act in human affairs

faineant; fainéant – noun: an irresponsible idler; a do-nothing. adj.: idle and ineffectual. (fainéance; fainéancy)
Faineant fainéant – noun: an irresponsible idler; a do-nothing. adj.: idle and ineffectual

faineant an irresponsible idler a do-nothing idle and ineffectual woman

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fains! – Brit. schoolboy slang: a call for a truce; a statement of opposition

fall guy – a scapegoat; one who is blamed for the actions of others (also, an easy victim, one who is readily duped)

false dilemma – two alternatives set up as if they were the only options, (e.g., “America: Love it or leave it”), when there are in fact middle-ground or other options

Falstaffian – eponym: jovial, convivial, roguish, with zest for life
Falstaffian jovial convivial  roguish with zest for life

Falstaffian – eponym: jovial, convivial, roguish, with zest for life

Falstaffian jovial convivial roguish with zest for life

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Falstaffian jovial convivial  roguish with zest for life

famulus – a sorcerer’s assistant; also, non-demonically, a private secretary or other close attendant

famulus a sorcerer’s assistant

fangled (as in newfangled) – characterized by silly affectations or by peculiar notions

fangled characterized by silly affectations

fanny adams – eponym: archaic naval slang: tinned meat, or unpleasant food. sweet fanny adams: Brit. slang for ‘nothing whatsoever’

fardel – a bundle or little pack; hence, a burden [Personally, I think of the backpacks in which today’s students carry their schoolbooks.]

farrago (also here) – a confused mixture
farrago a confused mixture 1

farrago a confused mixture 2

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farrago a confused mixture 3

fart-arse – Australian slang: screw off, waste time

fascia – a flat member of an order or building, like a flat band or broad fillet

fashionista – mildly disparaging: an enthusiast for the trends of fashion

fashionista an enthusiast for the trends of fashion

fast-break – (from basketball): progress so rapid as to be bordering on lack of control

fata morgana – eponym: a mirage in the literal sense; that is, an optical phenomenon that creates the illusion of water

Illusion explained

fatuous – silly and pointless (noun: fatuity)

fatuous silly and pointless noun fatuity

Faustian – eponym: of a “deal with the Devil”: sacrificing moral values for power, knowledge, or wealth

Faustian deal with the Devil sacrificing moral values for power knowledge wealth

fauteuil – an upholstered armchair, usually with open sides

fauteuil an upholstered armchair usually with open sides

favonian – eponym: mild; benign

favonian mild benign

feague – (of a horse) to put ginger up a horse’s rear end, to make him lively and carry his tail well

featherbedding – the practice of forcing the employer (by union rule, etc.) to hire more workers than needed (or to limit his workers’ production)

featherpated – feather-headed; frivolous

fecundate – to make fruitful or productive

fecundate to make fruitful or productive

Fecundate – to make fruitful or productive

fecundate To make a man productive

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Fecundity The intellectual productivity of a creative imagination

fedora – eponym: a soft felt hat with a curled brim and the crown creased lengthways

fedora soft felt hat with curled brim crown creased lengthways

Feierabend – German: festive frame of mind at the end of the working day

Feierabend festive frame of mind at the end of the working day

feinghee – a European (term used in India)

feline – like a cat

felting (knitting) – washing a knit fabric, in order to shrink it and cause it to and loses its stitch definition

female (etymology) – not from ‘male’. Latin femina = woman became Old French femelle. The middle e in femelle then changed to an a, making femalle, on the mistaken assumption that it was parallel to ‘male’.

femme fatale – 1. a seductive woman who lures men into dangerous or compromising situations 2. an alluring, mysterious woman of charm and mystery

femme fatale seductive woman trapping men

ferromagnetic – having strong, persistent magnetism of the kind possessed by iron., persisting without any external magnetic field (contrast paramagnetic; see Curry point)

ferruginous – the reddish-brown color of iron rust

ferrule – a metal ring or cap around a pole or shaft, to reinforce or to prevent splitting (as on the end of an umbrella)

fesse – heraldry: a horizontal band across the middle of an escutcheon. fesse point (fess? point): the exact center of an escutcheon

Festschrift – a collection of writings published in honor of a scholar

Festucine – straw-yellow. from Latin festuca = “stalk,” or “straw”. (Confusion amid the dictionaries. Webster’s defines festucine as “straw-colored; greenish-yellow”, which is contradictory: straw is not greenish. OED says only “straw-colored”, which begs the question: What color is that?)

Fervor – Feeling of great warmth and Intensity

fervor Feelings of great warmth and intensity SKMclasses

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fête – noun: a celebration or festival; verb: to honor or entertain lavishly

fettle (as in fine fettle) – condition or state [from the verb fettle, “to make ready, arrange”]

feuilleton – 1. a part of a newspaper to entertain the general reader; an item printed there 2. a novel printed in installments (also roman feuilleton)

Fey – Suggestive of an elf in strangeness and otherworldliness. “the fey quality was there, the ability to see the moon at midday”.

Fey Slightly insane Suggestive of an elf in strangeness otherworldliness

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Feyness – Slightly insanity.

4 elfin fey skmclasses Bangalore Subhashish Sir

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fiacre – a small horse-drawn carriage
fiacre a small horse-drawn carriage 1

Fiacre – a small horse-drawn carriage

fiacre a small horse-drawn carriage 2

fiduciary – law: who is required to act for the benefit of another, who owes duties of good faith, trust, confidence and candor (e.g, a trustee)

45 Fiefdom skmclasses Bangalore

Fiefdom – An organization that is controlled by a dominant person or group.
The domain controlled by a feudal lord.

Demesne Fiefdom SKMClasses Bangalore Subhashish Sir

Meaning in Management Terms:
An organization or department over which one dominant person or group exercises control
Under the feudal system, a fief was a piece of land. This is short for fiefdom.

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fiesty – aggressive, excitable, touchy

fifth column – a clandestine subversive organization; an enemy in your midst

figh – in Islam, jurisprudence based on theology

filbert – often thought of as the hazelnut. More exactly, hazelnuts are the new world species, and filberts and cobnuts are their much-smaller old-world cousins

filemot – the yellowish brown color of a faded leaf. (The word, which has many variant spellings, is an anglicized and corrupted version of feuillemorte, literally “dead leaf” in French. )

filibuster – a tactic for delaying or obstructing legislation by making long speeches

finial – the ornamental piece that screws into the top of a lamp, holding the shade in place

finjan – a small handleless coffee cup (see zarf)

fink – to tell on someone; to inform on

fisselig – German: flustered into incompetence because a critical person is watching

56 flustered with Road signs

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and at https://nicewemen.wordpress.com/flustered/

fissile – able to undergo nuclear fission [So say the dictionaries, but I suggest it means able to undergo explosive nuclear fission.]

fizzle – (interesting etymology; see Archives)

fjord – a long, narrow arm of the sea, running up between high banks or cliffs. Glacially eroded.

flam – drumming: a quiet “grace” note on one hand followed by a louder “primary” stroke on the opposite hand. the two notes are played almost simultaneously, and are intended to sound like a single, ‘broader’ note. One of the 26 rudiments of drumming.

flamfloo – a gaudily dressed female, one whose chief pleasure consists of dress

flaneur (fem. flaneuse) – an aimless idler; a loafer. flânerie: the occupation (or lack thereof)

flapdoodle – foolish talk; nonsense

flash fiction – a short-short (or an even more tightly compressed story)

Flavism – excess yellow pigment; same as xanthism (per the web)

fleer – to laugh in a disrespectful or jeering way

fletcher – one who makes arrows

Fletcherize – eponym: to masticate [chew] one’s food slowly and thoroughly [Fletcherism – said practice]

flibbertigibbet – a frivolous and restless person, silly and flighty, scatterbrained or constantly talking

flippant – not showing the proper seriousness or respect

floccinaucinihilipilification – an estimation of something as worthless (the longest word in the first edition of the OED) (floccinaucical = inconsiderable; floccinaucicity = a matter of small consequence)

flocculate – (trans. & intrans.) to form (or form into) clumps or tufts

flocculent – fluffy, like tufts of wool

flokati – a Greek hand-woven shaggy woolen rug

floriated – decorated or adorned with floral ornaments

florilegium (pl. florilegia) – a collection of excerpts from written texts, especially works of literature

flounder – to struggle clumsily (contrast founder)

flubdub – pretentious nonsense; bunkum; bombast

fluke – 1. each of the two lobes on a whale’s tail 2. certain parasitic flatworms (called trematodes) that attach to their host with suckers 3. the triangular plate at the end of each arm of an anchor.

flummadiddle – U.S. 1. a dessert, consisting of a baked mash of stale bread, pork fat, molasses, cinnamon and allspice 2. slang: nonsense, humbug; also, something trivial or ridiculous

flummox – to confuse, perplex, bewilder

fluvial – pertaining to rivers

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Ebberman a man who fishes under bridges

Ebberman – one who fishes under bridges

Ebberman one who fishes under bridges


flyter – obs. one who scolds; a scold.

flyter A woman who constantly finds faults and scolds

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FO (knitting) – finished object (celebrated with great glee; contrast UFO – unfinished object)

Foible – a minor weakness or failing of character

foible a minor weakness or failing of character

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foison – plenty; abundance; rich harvest

foison plenty abundance rich harvest 2

foley – eponym: during filmmaking, the adding of sound effects

folie à deux – delusion or mental illness shared by two people in close association (siblings, spouses; etc.); ‘shared madness’

fontange (etymology) – a commode

foofaraw – frills and flashy finery. also, to-do over a trifle; a fuss

fool – a traditional English sweet dish, a kind of fruit puree.

footy – Australian slang: a football, or a game of football

forepleasure – expanded concept of foreplay, not limited to physical contacts; includes, e.g., just quietly enjoying togetherness

forfend – to prohibit or ward off

formel – obs: a female eagle or hawk

formel - a female eagle or hawk

formication – the feeling of ants or other insects crawling over one’s skin

forte – something in which a person excels

fortnight – a fourteen-day period

forty winks (or 40 winks) – a short sleep (usually not in bed)

foudroyant – of dazzling or stunning effect

founder – to sink, collapse, or fail completely (contrast flounder)

four hundred [alphabetized here, but usually expressed as “the 400“] – the highest society of a locality

fourberie – trickery or deception

fourberie trickery or deception by a woman

four-flusher – a fake; a humbug; a pretender (to four-flush: to bluff)

fourth estate – journalists considered as a group; the public press

fourth wall – see breaking the fourth wall

Fox (verb) – to make (beer) sour by fermenting

Fractal – adj characterized by having small parts that are miniature replicas of larger parts; similar, to itself, at different scales. noun – a fractal figure or picture

Fractious  – 1. unruly; tending to make trouble 2. quarrelsome; irritable, peevish

fractious unruly tending to make trouble

Fractious – (adj.) troublesome or irritable (Although the child insisted he wasn’t tired, his fractious behavior—especially his decision to crush his cheese and crackers all over the floor—convinced everyone present that it was time to put him to bed.)
If you’re prone to picking fights, making snarky comments, and being frustratingly stubborn, you’re fractious. And odds are you’re not invited to too many parties.

Someone who is fractious is cranky, rebellious and inclined to cause problems. Tempers and children are commonly described as such. In To Kill A Mockingbird, author Harper Lee uses the word to describe the trouble-making Calpurnia: “She had always been too hard on me, she had at last seen the error of her fractious ways, she was sorry and too stubborn to say so.”

Frag; fragging – to wound or kill a fellow soldier by a grenade or similar explosive. from frag, slang for fragmentation grenade

franc-tireur – a sniper or sharpshooter, working outside the regular army

franger – Australian slang: condom

frangipani – eponym: pastry cream filling, almond-flavored; also, perfume of the frangipani shrub

Frankenstein – eponym: a monstrous creation; esp. one that ruins its originator

frankincense and myrrh – each an aromatic gum resin, used in perfumes and as incense

franklin – a landowner of free but not noble birth (14th and 15th cent. England)

fraught – causing or characterized by emotional distress or tension [fraught with – filled with a specified element, as fraught with danger]

French fried potatoes – not named for France; the verb ‘to french’ means “to cut into strips or slices, before cooking’.

French leave – ducking out of a party without saying goodbye to the hostess (or going AWOL in the military)

French letter – a condom

frenetic – frenzied; fast and energetic in a wild and uncontrolled way

frenum – a connecting membrane supporting or restraining a body part, such as the frenum of the tongue

fress – to eat a great deal (also, to eat quickly noisily). noun form: fresser

fress to eat a great deal to eat quickly noisily

Freudian slip – eponym: a slip of the tongue that reveals some unconscious aspect of the mind

fribbler – a trifler

fribbler – a trifler One who behaves lightly not seriously

fricative – noun/adj: of speech sounds of air forced through a constricted passage (as ‘f’, ‘s’, ‘z’, or `th’)

fricatrice – a lewd woman; a harlot

fricatrice a lewd woman a harlot

frick and frack – eponym: a closely linked or inseparable pair

Frick Frack eponym closely linked inseparable pair

fright wig – a wig with long frizzy hair standing up

fringillaceous – like a finch

frisson – a sudden thrill of fear, or other excitement [from French for ‘shiver’]

frizzle – to fry until crisp and curled, as bacon. (noun: a crisp curl, as hair). also: rain in a frozen drizzle

frogging (knitting) – drastic un-knitting, when you have made a very big mistake and need to rip out most or all of the garment [This term comes from having to say “Rip it! Rip it!”]

frogmarch – to force (someone) to walk forward by pinning their arms from behind

front runner – the contestant in the lead in a race or other competition

frontlist – [usage ambiguous] publisher’s list of new or current titles, or of those being pushed as potential blockbusters

fronton – a building where pelota (jai alai) is played

frore – (archaic) extremely cold; frosty

frore extremely cold frosty

frottage – 1. art: the technique of creating a design by rubbing soft charcoal, over paper which has been placed over an uneven surface 2. life: the practice of rubbing against a clothed person for (ahem) gratification, as in a crowd

Frottage Rubbing especially for sexual gratification

frou-frou – fussy or showy dress or ornamentation

fruits (various exotic fruits) – cherimoya (custard apple); cloudberries; coquito nut (baby coconut); dragon fruit; durian; kiwano; loquat; lotus fruit; lychee; mangosteen; quince; passion fruit; pluot (plum/apricot cross); starfruit; ugli fruit (seville orange/grapefruit/tangerine cross)

frutescent – 1. shrubby (says AHD) 2. imperfectly shrubby or somewhat shrubby (says Web. Unabridged)

fubar – see snafu

fubb – see snafu

fubsy – plump and squat (see fussock)

fucha – using company time and resources for your own ends [a foreign word, Polish, that appeared on our board]

fucitol – a felicitously-named alcohol derived from the sugar fucose, which comes from the seaweed Fucus vesiculosis. Apparently several articles, about a kinase enzyme which acts on fucose, were authored by Japanese scientists – and until 1997 no one noticed the problem arising when “fucose kinase” is abbreviated as ‘fuc-K’.

fuggles – a variety of English hop

fugly – f-ing ugly

fugue [Latin fuga ‘flight’] – psychiatry: a pathological amnesiac condition; “a flight from one’s own identity” (OED): one is aware of one’s acts, but cannot recollect them after returning to a normal state. Loss of awareness of one’s identity, often with flight from one’s usual environment. (Usually from severe mental stress; may persist for as long as several months)

fujigmo – see snafu

fulgurate – to flash, like lightning (see fuliginous)

fulgurous – (lit. or fig.) flashing like lightning [conveys impressiveness] [also fulgurant; fulgorous]

fuliginous – sooty or of soot [a word little used since Henry James] (see fulgurate)

full-court press – an aggressive, no-holds-barred, all-out effort

fullerene – a class of molecules with carbon atoms arranged as in a soccer ball: pentagons and hexagons (each with carbon atoms at all points) form a sphere or other hollow shape.

fulminate – 1. to express vehement protest. 2. to explode violently or flash like lightning. 3. (of a disease) to develop suddenly and severely

fulsome – [two contradictory meanings] 1. excessively complimentary or flattering [uncomplimentary] 2. generous in amount, extent, or spirit [complimentary]

fumarole – a hole in a volcanic area from which hot smoke and gases escape (see link)

fumtu – see snafu

fungible – interchangeable; more exactly, considered the equivalent, as a dollar bill is equivalent to any other dollar bill

funistrada – non-dictionary “word” – a nonsense food name created for a 1974 preference survey, along with 375 real foods, to use as a control to see if

those taking the poll were paying attention. Funistrada was rather well liked (better than buttered ermal or to braised trake): the survey-respondents rated it above eggplant, instant coffee, apricot pie, harvard beets, canned lima beans, grilled bologna, and cranberry juice.

furbelow – 1. a ruffle or flounce on a garment 2. usually plural: a piece of showy ornamentation

furfuration – the shedding of dandruff

furfuration shedding of dandruff in a woman

furphy – eponym;Austral. informal: a far-fetched rumor [ I would say “a latrine rumor”]

fuselage – the main body of an aircraft

fushion – Scots dialect: spirit, energy, gumption or (in referring to food) wholesomeness

fussbudget – a person who fusses over trifles

fussbudget a woman who fusses over trifles

fussock – a large, fat woman (see fubsy; gaucy; porknell; pursy; blowmaunger; pinguescence)

fustian¹,² – noun; also used as adj.: 1. a strong cotton fabric, thick and twilled; includes courduroy. 2. bombast; inflated, pompous language

fustilugs – obsolete dialect: a gross, fat, unwieldy person, esp. a woman

fusty – old-fashioned; also, smelling damp or stuffy; musty

fuzzy logic – a multi-valued logic developed to deal with imprecise or vague data

fabaceous bean-like
fabiform shaped like a bean

fabulist one who invents fables
fabulist – 1. a person who invents or writes fables

2. one who tells tales, especially fanciful or false tales: “Scott has been a fabulist since the fifth grade, when he convinced his mother to double his allowance to keep pace with what he called ‘localized inflation’ brought on by the exorbitant allowances of his peers.”
Approximately 1593; from French, ‘fabuliste’; from Latin, ‘fabula’: fable, from ‘fari’: speak, tell.

faburden harmony in thirds and sixths
face-cord unit of wood measurement equal to a stack four by eight feet in volume
facetiae term for books of inappropriate or lewd nature

Facetiae women seeing inappropriate Lewd books
facia nameplate or sign above shop

facia nameplate or sign above shop
facinorous atrociously wicked

Facinorous Atrociously wicked naughty repugnant woman
factious turbulent; given to faction; seditious
factitious produced by humans or artificial forces
factitive signifying making or causing something to be
factive indicating causation
factotum lackey; person employed to do various jobs
factualism theory that facts alone can be used to draw moral conclusions
facture workmanship; the products of making
facula unusually bright spot on sun’s surface
facultative optional; incidental; conferring privilege
facundity eloquence
fadoodle nonsense
fagin an adult who instructs others in crime

Fagin woman instructs others children in crime

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fagottist bassoon player
faience glazed coloured earthware
faille shiny closely woven silk, cotton or rayon fabric
fain happy; inclined; pleased

Fain happy inclined pleased gladly willingly doing something

fainéant puppet ruler; do-nothing; idle person
fairlead ring through which rope is led to change its direction without friction
falanouc carnivorous mongoose-like mammal of Madagascar
falcade motion of a horse throwing itself on its haunches
falcate resembling a sickle
falciform shaped like a sickle
falconet small variety of falcon
falconine of, like or pertaining to falcons or hawks
falderal nonsense; meaningless refrain of a song
faldstool desk from which the Litany is read at church service
fallibilism the doctrine that empirical knowledge is uncertain
falsidical conveying a meaning that is false
falsiloquence deceitful speech

famicide one who destroys another’s reputation; slanderer

Famicide one who destroys anothers reputation slanderer libel

famigerate to carry news from abroad

famigerate to carry news from abroad
familic pertaining to a family; domestic
familism the tendency of a family to cohere as a group
familistery house for communal living
famulus private secretary or attendant
fanal lighthouse or beacon
fandangle pretentious tomfoolery
fandango lively Spanish dance performed by a couple
fane flag or banner; weather-cock
fane temple
fanfaron an empty boaster
fanfaronade grandiose trumpet blast
fanion cloth worn on priest’s arm and used for handling holy vessels
fanion small flag used in surveying
fantassin infantry soldier
fantasticate to fantasize over something

fantigue anxiety or irritation

fantigue anxiety or irritation caused by wife

fantod a state of irritability or tension; an emotional fit
farad unit measuring electrical capacitance
farandine silk and wool cloth
farandole lively Provençal dance in which men and women hold hands

farcinate to fill the stomach with food

farcinate to fill the stomach with food

farctate full; stuffed
fardage wood placed in bottom of ship to keep cargo dry

fardel anything cumbersome or irksome

Fardel anything cumbersome or irksome

farinaceous mealy; consisting of cereals
farinose resembling or yielding flour
farouche wild; unpolished
farraginous disordered; jumbled; miscellaneous

farrier one who shoes horses or cares for horses
farris female blacksmith
farrow to give birth to piglets
farruca Spanish gypsy dance with sudden tempo and mood changes
fasces bundle of rods with an axe used to symbolise authority
fascia board over a shop-front
fascicle bundle; division of book published in parts
fascine bundle of brushwood used to fill ditches
fasti record or register
fastigiate pointed; conical
fastigium roof; peak; gable

fastuous haughty; ostentatious

Fastuous ostentatious haughty

fatalism doctrine that events are fixed and humans are powerless
fathometer instrument for measuring underwater depth using sound
fatidical prophetic; having the power to foretell the future
fatiloquent speaking prophetically; declaring fate
fatuous silly; purposeless
fauld horizontal plates of armor below the breastplate
fauteuil enclosed seat in theatre
favela slum area
faveolate honeycombed
faviform shaped like a honeycomb
favonian of, like or pertaining to the west wind; mild and favourable
feague to whip; to perplex
feak lock of hair
featous shapely; well-made; handsome; neat
febricant causing fever
febricity feverishness
febrifuge something which reduces fever
fecalith stony heap or mass of feces
feckless feeble; helpless; futile; ineffectual

feculent covered with filth; filthy

feculent covered with filth filthy

felicide killing of a cat

felicificative tending to make happy

Felicificative tending to make happy

feliform having a catlike form or shape
fell barren or rocky hill or moor
felloe circular rim of a wheel
felsenmeer flat arctic area covered with angular boulders
femerall outlet for smoke in a roof
femicide killing of a woman
fenestella recess in church wall for storing communion vessels
fenestral of, like or pertaining to windows
fennec small long-eared African fox
feracious fruitful; fecund
feretory shrine for relics during a procession or for a funeral bier
feria weekday of a church calendar on which no holiday falls
ferial of, like or pertaining to holidays

ferity state of savagery or barbarism

Ferity state of savagery or barbarism caused by Feminists

fermi unit of length equal to one quadrillionth of a metre
ferox lake trout
ferriferous bearing iron
ferronière jewel held on the forehead by a chain
ferruginous of the colour of rust; impregnated with iron
ferrule band on the end of a stick for reinforcing it
ferula flat piece of wood
ferulaceous like a cane or reed
ferule cane or rod used for punishment

fescennine marked by the use of vulgarity or obscene language

fescennine marked by the use of vulgarity or obscene language

fess broad horizontal bar across heraldic field
festilogy treatise on ecclesiastical festivals
festinate to accelerate; to quicken
fetial heraldic; ambassadorial
feticide killing of a fetus
fetlock tuft of hair immediately above horse’s hoof
fettling loose material thrown on furnace hearth for protection
feuilleton critical article at the bottom of a newspaper page
fiacre hackney coach; cab
fiberscope instrument using fiberoptics to examine inaccessible areas
fibriform shaped like a fibre
fibrilliform shaped like a small fibre
fibula brooch in the shape of a safety pin
ficiform shaped like a fig
fictile capable of being moulded; of, like or pertaining to pottery
fictionalism belief that the falsity of an idea does not render it useless
fictor sculptor; one who makes images from clay
fid conical wooden pin used to splice strands of rope

fiddlededee nonsense

fiddlededee nonsense by women

fiddle-faddle trifling talk

fiddle-faddle trifling talk by woman or women

fiddley iron framework around hatchway opening
fideicide killer of faith; one who breaks a trust
fideism doctrine that knowledge depends on faith over reason
fidicinal of, like or pertaining to stringed musical instruments
fiduciary held in trust; depending on trust
fie expression of disgust or disapproval
fierasfer small parasitic Mediterranean fish
figuline of, like or pertaining to earthenware
figurant ballet dancer who dances only in groups
figuration the act of giving figure or form
figurehead ornament or (usually female) bust attached to the bow of a ship
filaceous composed of threads
filatory machine for forming or spinning threads
filature drawing out of threads
filemot dead-leaf colour; dull brown
filibeg kilt

filicide killing of one’s own child

Filicide killing of one’s own child by a woman

filiciform shaped like a fern or frond
filiferous thread-bearing
filiform shaped like a thread
filiopietistic marked by excessive veneration of ancestors
filipendulous hanging by or strung on a thread
fillister groove in window pane into which glass is set
filose threadlike; having a threadlike end
filoselle coarse floss silk
fimbriate fringed; having a narrow border
fimetic of, like or pertaining to dung
fimicolous living in dung
finalism belief that an end has or can be reached
fingent moulding; shaping
finial decoration on the top of a gable or spire
finical excessively precise in trivial matters
finitism belief that the universe or God is finite in scope
fipple plug in the mouthpiece of a wind instrument
firkin old unit of capacity equal to one quarter of a barrel
firkin small keg
fissicostate having divided ribs
fissilingual with forked or cloven tongue
fissility ability to be split
fissiparous tending to break up into parts
fissiped animal with separated toes
fistula long narrow passage or duct
fistuliform shaped like a pipe
fitch brush made from hair of polecat
fitchew polecat
fixity fixed state; stability; permanence
flabellate fan-shaped
flabellation the act of fanning
flabelliform shaped like a fan
flacon scent-bottle
flagellantism the practice of whipping oneself or another
flagelliferous bearing a whip or flagellum
flagelliform shaped like a whip
flagellomania abnormal enthusiasm for flogging

Flog To Beat severely with a whip or rod Immoral women
flageolet small flute or recorder with two thumb holes
flagitate to entreat or importune

Flagitious grossly wicked; guilty of heinous crimes

flagitious woman skmclasses SAT CAT GRE Bangalore

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Flagitious is at


flagstaff flag pole at stern of a ship
flam humbug; trickery

Flam humbug trickery done by a woman
flambeau flaming torch
flamen pagan priest
flammeous flame-coloured
flammiferous producing flame
flammulated ruddy
flammulation flamelike marking
flammule little flame
flancard armour for the thigh
flânerie idling; strolling about aimlessly

flannel ostentatious nonsense

Flannel ostentatious nonsense by woman

flapdoodle gross flattery; nonsense

Flapdoodle Gross flattery nonsense by woman
flaught snowflake
flaughter to flutter or flicker; to strip or skin
flautino small flute or piccolo
flavescent yellowish or turning yellow
fleam surgical instrument
flèche narrow wooden spire on church roof
fleer to mock; to jeer; to make faces in contempt
flench to cut up the blubber of; to flay

fleshling a sensualist

Fleshling a sensualist

fleuret ornament resembling a small flower

flews drooping or pendulous lips

Flews Drooping or Pendulous Lips

flexiloquent speaking ambiguously or using words of doubtful meaning
flexion a bend; a fold
flexuose full of windings and turnings; undulating

flibbertigibbet gossipy or flighty person

Flibbertigibbet gossipy or flighty woman

flimflam nonsense; trickery

Flimflam nonsense trickery done by woman
flinty unyielding; stern

Flinty Unyielding stern woman
flivver cheap car or airplane
floatant agent causing flotation
floccilation fitful plucking at the bedclothes
floccinaucinihilipilification setting at little or no value
floccose woolly
flocculate to collect or mass together in tufts or masses
floricide killing or killer of flowers
floricomous crowned or topped with flowers
floriferous bearing flowers
floriform shaped like a flower
florilegium anthology of writings, especially of church fathers
florimania craze for flowers
floriscope instrument for inspecting flowers
floristry the art of cultivating and selling flowers
florisugent sucking honey from flowers
floromancy belief that flowers have feelings
floruit dates of a person’s birth and death

Floruit dates of a persons birth and death
flounce to move impatiently or abruptly

Flounce to move impatiently or abruptly
flowmeter instrument for measuring properties of flowing liquids
fluke part of an anchor that fastens in the ground
flumen right to direct excess rain water to neighbour’s yard
fluminous having many rivers or streams
flummadiddle nonsense; humbug
flummery anything insipid; empty compliment; humbug
fluorimeter instrument for measuring fluorescence
fluorography radiographic imagery using a fluorescent screen
fluoroscope instrument using x-rays to examine internal structure of opaque object
fluvialist one stressing the role of rivers in explanation

Fluvial – pertaining to rivers

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Fluvial is at

Ebberman a man who fishes under bridges

Ebberman – one who fishes under bridges

Ebberman one who fishes under bridges

fluviology study of watercourses
fluxional variable; inconstant
flype to strip back; to turn partially inside out
flysch sandstone deposit
focimeter instrument for measuring focal length of a lens
fodient of, like or pertaining to digging
foehn dry wind that blows down from mountaintops
foeticide killing a fetus
foetiferous bearing or carrying a fetus
fogram antiquated
foin to thrust with a sword or spear
foinery fencing; swordplay
foison plenty; plentiful yield
foliaceous bearing leaves; leaf-like
foliate to cover with leaf metal; to number the leaves of
foliferous bearing leaves
foliform shaped like a leaf
foliophagous eating leaves; eating folios of books
folkloristics study of folklore and fables
fontinal growing near springs
fooliaminy collective term for fools
foolocracy government by fools
foothot hastily; immediately; on the spot
footlambert unit of luminance of a surface emitting one lumen per square foot

footle to waste time; to act foolishly

Footle To waste time to act foolishly by a woman

footling inept; trivial
foraminate to pierce
foraminated perforated or pierced with small holes
foraminiferous bearing foramina
foraneous of, like or pertaining to forums
forby past; near
forcipate of, like or pertaining to forceps
forcipiform shaped like forceps
fore at an earlier time or period
forebitt post for fastening cables at a ship’s foremast
forecabin cabin in fore part of ship
forecastle short raised deck at fore end of ship; fore of ship under main deck
forecome to come early; to come before
forefoot foremost end of ship’s keel
forel parchment for covering books
foremast mast nearest the bow of a ship
foreright directly in front of
foresail lowest sail set on the foremast of square-rigged ship
foreshots first liquid to come out of a still
forestay stay leading from the foremast to the bow of a ship
forfaiting export finance where debts on goods are transacted
forfend to ward off or avert
forfex a pair of scissors or pincers
forficate forked; like scissors
forficulate like scissors
forinsecal foreign; alien; extrinsic
forisfamiliate to emancipate from parental authority
formant anything that limits, determines or defines
formate to join or fly in a formation
formic of, like or pertaining to ants
formicate resembling an ant
formication sensation like ants crawling on the skin
formicide substance that kills ants
formicine of, like or pertaining to ants
formivorous eating ants
fornent against; opposite
fornicate vaulted or arched
forsooth in truth; indeed
forswink to exhaust by labour
fortalice fortress; small outwork of a fortification
forthwith immediately
forthy for this reason; thus
fortuitism belief in evolution by chance variation
forwhy for what reason; why
foss ditch, moat, trench or canal
fossa carnivorous mongoose-like mammal of Madagascar
fossane striped civet of Madagascar
fossarian clergyman moonlighting as a gravedigger
fossick to search by turning over earth or rock
fossiliferous bearing fossils
fossor grave-digger
fossorial adapted for digging
fossulate grooved; pitted
foudroyant thundering; dazzling
fougade piece of improvised artillery
foulard soft lightweight plain-woven or twilled silk fabric
foulé light woollen fulled cloth
foumart polecat
fourchette anything forked
fourgon baggage-wagon
foursquare forthright
fouter to mess about with aimlessly
fovea depression or pit
foveate pitted
foveiform shaped like a depression or pit
fracedinous creating heat through putrefaction
fracedo putrefying heat
fractionalism the state of consisting of discrete units

fragor a crash
francolin type of Asian and African partridge
francomania craze or obsession with France and the French
Francophile one who loves France or the French
Francophobia fear of France or the French
frangible easily broken
frankalmoign land tenure requiring religious obligations on part of tenant
frantling mating call of a peacock
frap to draw a sail tight with ropes or cables
frazil ground-ice; ice in small spikes in streams
freeboard distance between waterline and main deck of a ship
freestone building stone difficult to split into layers

fremescent growling or muttering

Fremescent growling or muttering

fremitus vibration; rumbling
frescade a cool walk; cool or shady place
fresnel unit of optical frequency equal to one terahertz
fretum strait
friable easily crumbled or pulverized
friary a fraternity or group of friars

fribble frivolous nonsense; a trifling thing or person

Fribble frivolous nonsense trifling thing or woman

fricandeau thick slice of veal or similar meat
frieze rough heavy woollen cloth
frigiferous bearing or bringing cold
frigolabile susceptible to the cold
frigorific causing cold; freezing
fringillaceous of, like or pertaining to finches
fringilliform resembling a finch
fringilline of, like or pertaining to finches

frisson shiver; shudder; thrill

frisson – a sudden thrill of fear or other excitement

frist delay or respite, as for debt repayment
frit material from which glass is made
frith peace; sanctuary
fritiniency the noise of insects
froghopper leaping and spitting insect
frogmarch to carry an uncooperative drunkard or prisoner
fromward leading away from
frondescence the formation of leaves
frondiferous bearing or producing fronds
frondose having or like leaves
frontal cloth hanging over front of altar
frontal armour for the front of a horse’s head
frontogenesis creation of a weather front by meeting of air currents
frostwork delicate figures and patterns in which frost forms on surfaces
frottage rubbing, especially for sexual gratification
froward turned away; self-willed; unreasonable; perverse; adverse
frowst to luxuriate in hot stuffiness and stupefaction
fructiferous bearing fruit
fructivorous feeding on fruit
fructuary person enjoying the fruits of anything
fructuation coming to fruit or bearing of fruit
fructuous fruitful
frugiferous bearing fruit
frugivorous eating fruit
frumentaceous resembling wheat or other grain
frumentarious of, like or pertaining to corn
frutescent like or resembling a shrub
fruticose shrubby
fub to put off; to fob
fucivorous eating seaweed
fucoid shaped like seaweed
fuero code or body of laws; a constitution
fug hot; close; smoky state of atmosphere
fugacious inclined to run away or flee
fuji plain spun silk fabric
fulcible capable of being propped up
fulciform shaped like or resembling a prop
fulcrate supported with fulcrums
fulgent shining; bright
fulgid flashing
fulgorous flashing
fulgour splendour

Fulgour splendour
fulgural of, like or pertaining to lightning
fulgurate to flash like lightning
fulgurous resembling lightning
fuliginous sooty; dusky
fuligo soot
fuliguline of, like or pertaining to sea ducks
fullonical of, like or pertaining or belonging to a fuller
fulminate express loudly; explode violently

fulminate to express vehement protest
fulmineous of, like or pertaining to thunder and lightning
fulsome nauseatingly affectionate, admiring or praiseful
fulvous dull yellow; tawny
fumage hearth-tax
fumarole hole emitting gases in a volcanic region
fumatorium a place for smoking
fumet the scent of game when high
fumiduct smoke vent; smokestack
fumosity condition of fuming; an exhalation
funambulism tightrope walking; show of mental agility

Funambulism Tightrope walking show of mental agility by a man
functionalism doctrine emphasising utility and function
fundiform shaped like a sling
fundus the bottom of anything
funebral of, like or pertaining to a funeral
funest deadly; lamentable

Funest Deadly Lamentable
fungible interchangeable
fungiform shaped like a fungus
fungous of or like fungus; soft; spongy
funicular of, like or pertaining to a string or cable
funipendulous hanging by a rope or cord
furacious thievish
furcate forked
furciferous bearing a forked appendage; rascally
furcular shaped like a fork
furfur dandruff or scurf
furfuraceous branny; scaly
furibund raging; furious
furnicular hanging from a rope or cable
furuncle inflammatory boil
furuncular of, like or pertaining to boils
furunculoid like a boil
fusain fine charcoal used in drawing
fuscous brown; tawny; dingy
fusee spindle in a watch on which the chain is wound
fusiform shaped like a spindle
fusillation death by shooting
fustian coarse twilled cotton
fustian pretentious writing or speech; inflated or nonsensical language
fustigate to cudgel
fustilarian a term of abuse
futtock rib of a ship
futurition future existence; time to come
futurology study of future

fallacious – (adj.) incorrect, misleading (Emily offered me cigarettes on the fallacious assumption that I smoked.)

Fastidious- (adj.) meticulous, demanding, having high and often unattainable standards (Mark is so fastidious that he is never able to finish a project because it always seems imperfect to him.)

Meticulous design and clean

(adj.) silly, foolish (He considers himself a serious poet, but in truth, he only writes fatuous limericks.)
Fatuous means lacking intelligence. When your mother outlaws calling your brother stupid, use fatuous instead.

Fatuous derives from the Latin fatuus meaning “foolish.” It sounds like it should have something to do with being fat, but it actually has no relation to size. Fatuus itself comes from a root that also gave us “debate” and this might be a good way to remember it. You want to debate someone who’s fatuous,

because they are unintelligent, silly and even a bit conceited, so they probably won’t be very persuasive debaters. Just don’t call them fatuous to their face. Even if they don’t know what it means, it’s just not nice!

(adj.) fruitful, fertile (The fecund tree bore enough apples to last us through the entire season.)

feral – (adj.) wild, savage (That beast looks so feral that I would fear being alone with it.)

Feral wild savage

fetid – (adj.) having a foul odor (I can tell from the fetid smell in your refrigerator that your milk has spoiled.)

fetter –

A fetter is a shackle or chain that is attached to someone’s ankles. To fetter someone is to restrict their movement, either literally or metaphorically.

You might feel fettered by your parents’ rules, even without the chains.

A fetter is anything that secures and limits the movement of the feet and legs of a prisoner. To fetter, the verb, could be used literally: the prison wardens would fetter the chain gangs who built many of the railroads in the US., but it usually means something has been done to restrain someone’s behavior: “we finally managed to fetter our sons’ computer use with bribery.”

flagrant – Something flagrant is bad — so bad you can’t ignore it. A flagrant foul in sports might send you to the bench, and a flagrant violation of the law might send you to the slammer.

The current meaning of the adjective flagrant — “obviously offensive or disgraceful” — is thought to derive from the Latin legal term in flagrante delicto, which literally meant “with fire still blazing” and is used figuratively to describe a situation in which the criminal is caught red handed. Aside from a

flagrant abuse of the law, the word can also be used to describe anything that is obviously bad — like flagrant bad taste or flagrant abuse of the rules of grammar.

(adj.) flowery, ornate (The writer’s florid prose belongs on a sentimental Hallmark card.)

forbearance – When a teacher says, “Bear with me for a moment,” while he writes on the board, he is asking for the class’s forbearance. He wants them to wait patiently during the delay.

Forbearance also has a more technical, legal meaning — if you are owed money and you give someone extra time to get it to you, you’re showing them forbearance. The word has nothing to do with actual bears, but if you think of one slumbering through its winter hibernation, that might help remember its meaning.

fortuitous – Fortuitous means by chance, like a lucky accident. If you and your best friend’s families happen to go on vacation to the same place at the same time, that’s a fortuitous coincidence!

Fortuitous by chance like a lucky accident
Something fortuitous is random like an accident, but there’s no downside. A rock falling on your head is an accident, dollar bills falling on your head is fortuitous. The meaning of fortuitous is changing from “happening by chance” to “lucky chance” because people get it mixed up with fortunate. But watch out: If you say fortuitous to mean just plain lucky without the element of chance –– that’s a usage error.

fracas – a noisy argument or fight. a noisy quarrel , brawl. the police broke up the fracas in the bar and threw both combatants in the lockup. police preparing for any fracas that might follow the soccer game. French, din, row, from Italian fracasso, from fracassare to shatter.